Teaching Assistant Training – Back to Basics

The Back to Basics ‘toolkit’ is a 3-part training programme for teaching assistants, ITT students, NQTs and RQTs that explores key concepts and the progression of skills. Part 1 focuses on the development of phonics – key terminology, the discrete lesson, practical strategies and application of phonic knowledge in reading and writing. Part 2 focuses on reading comprehension exploring the principles outlined in Scarborough’s Reading Rope (the interconnection between decoding, comprehension and fluency). Part 3 focuses on developing grammatical knowledge – key terminology, how key concepts develop from KS1 to KS2 and application of grammatical knowledge in reading and writing.
*Each training module is a half day of delivery. Training can be delivered as part of existing ‘TA networks’ organised by TSAs or clusters of schools or delivered as a 3-day package. Modules can also be delivered as stand-alone sessions for ITT providers, according to need.

ITT, NQT and RQT Training

These training programmes are designed to support new and recently qualified teachers to explore and investigate aspects of the Primary English curriculum.  Sessions are created as bespoke programmes to suit your organisation’s specific needs.  Enquire for more details kellyashleyconsultancy@outlook.com or @kashleyenglish