Inspire to Write

Writing CPD for KS1 & KS2 teachers and subject leaders

This programme explores how to use high-quality texts and multi-media resources to teach literacy in an inspiring way, putting purpose and audience at the centre of the writing process. Learning begins with an exploration of the elements of the writing process (EEF guidance) and extends understanding of how to effectively scaffold learning to encourage independence. As a programme developed for the Real Writing: Writing across the curriculum project (SSIF Round 1), this course also specifically explores how to integrate writing across the curriculum, in science.

Blog posts relating to the teaching of writing:

Scaffolding – More than just modelling

Developing Metacognitive Writers

From Phonics… to Spelling

Spelling CPD for FS-KS2 teachers and/or teaching assistants

Are your pupils ‘stuck’ in a perpetual cycle of ‘phonically plausible’ spelling? How can teachers support the move from ‘phonically plausible’ to accurate spelling? This course explores the Word Power ‘Power-Up’ strategies of phonology, graphology, orthography, morphology and etymology and how these core concepts can be developed as part of a well-rounded spelling curriculum.  Programme discussions also centre around pupils’ spelling errors and how we can analyse patterns within these errors to more effectively plan next steps.
Blog posts relating to this training programme:
Dinosaur Dig – Applying phonics and spelling knowledge in Year 1

Crafting Learning Conversations

Quality first teaching and metacognition CPD for leaders and teachers

This programme was delivered (Sept 2017-April 2019) with Esk Valley TSA and Scarborough TSA as part of the SSIF Round 1 Crafting Learning Conversations project and is delivered in multiple sessions, across the year. Training sessions provide teachers with the opportunity to reflect on how to use feedback effectively to encourage pupil metacognition (knowledge of strategies and self-regulation of the use of strategies). Approaches to Quality First Teaching: analysing assessment information (‘crafting the hooks’), tailoring planning (‘crafting the sequence’) and developing self, peer and teacher feedback (‘crafting conversations’) are explored within a collaborative learning community.

Developing Grammar

Grammar CPD for KS1 & KS2 teachers and teaching assistants

This practical course explores specific content knowledge needed to support the teaching of the grammar curriculum in KS1 and KS2. Strategies for ensuring the teaching and application of grammar, in context, are central to this programme. How can we enhance grammatical understanding through reading experiences? How can knowledge of grammar and punctuation help to support the editing of writing?